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A new generation of tailor-made compression garments

FeelWell has developed new made-to-measure compression garments specifically designed and adapted for those struggling with weight. FeelWell compression garments are for everyone from the lowest to the highest BMI.

A unique model just for you

You don’t need to search for a size that will fit you anymore. Just book an appointment with our fitting specialist to get measured, and we will create an individualized model to fit your body perfectly.

All our garments are adjustable and will follow you on your weight loss journey. Plus, we apply a specific compression level on each body part  to optimize comfort and results.

The benefits of FeelWell’s garment

Relieves lower back pain

Improves your mobility and
facilitates physical activity

Compresses excess skin

How does it work?

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*applicable only to compression garments

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FeelWell’s collection

The FeelWell collection consists of various compression garments and accessories serving different needs (daily life, physical activity, swimming, and hernia support) for adults, children, and teenagers.

All our compression garments are tailor-made. These are some examples from our collection to help you make a choice when you meet with our fitting specialist.

Use the menus below to preview our products.

A range of manufacturing options will also allow you to customize your garment’s features (see here).

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Compression Garment
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The Manufacturing

Specifically developed for our garments, the FRESH and COZY fabrics use a warp knit with high quality nylon and Spandex microfibers to ensure elasticity, durability, and comfort.
Each item is cut and assembled with different closures and compression levels. Our products are all tailor made because each patient is unique.

Customize your garment’s features

Abdominal Support Belt

Used to increase your abdominal support. It is recommended for people suffering from lower back pain.


Allow you to maintain the compression level while you lose weight. Our fitting specialist will suggest how many hooks you need according to your weight loss goal (up to 12 rows are available).


With or without… your choice!


You can choose to add an opening in the crotch area.

Worldwide guarantee for the humanoecological qualities of textiles. Certified latex free.


  • Regular compression garments have limited sizes and don’t fit all body types. The FeelWell tailor-made garment fits your body perfectly and provides absolute comfort as well as support. You can adjust its size when you lose weight and maintain the same level of compression.

  • Everyday and everywhere! FeelWell designs abdominal compression garments for each step of your weight loss journey and to support you in your daily activities. Our standard models are available in half and full body versions; perfect for your daily routine. Our selection also includes styles for sports and water activities.

  • Our compression garments are for everyone. Both surgical and non-surgical patients struggling with their weight should wear FeelWell compression garments.
    Bariatric surgery can cause troublesome—or even painful—excess skin. An FeelWell garment gently presses the distended skin back to the body. It is also a more affordable alternative to plastic surgery.

  • FeelWell addresses the issue of mobility and freedom of movement. The garment bears your weight for you. You become more active, less tired, and regain self-esteem thus creating a virtuous circle. Additionally, our selection of garments for sports and water activities will support your physical activity by reducing pain and increasing results.


The Company

FeelWell innovates and promotes solutions to improve the daily life of those who are overweight and suffering from obesity. Our goal is to give you back confidence and self-esteem, to ease your daily pains, and to help you find a path to a better life.

FeelWell works with more than two thousand surgeons, doctors, physicians, nutritonists, dietitians, pediatricians, endocrinologists, and weight loss management professionals around the globe. Thanks to our medical partners’ feedback and our patients’ input, we are constantly improving the quality of our products.

Become a FeelWell vendor

You are a professional

You are a weight loss professional who wants your patients to succeed. Because they deserve the best, they should benefit from our expertise. FeelWell allows you to become an exclusive supplier of our garments and accessories. We provide you with a comprehensive service  and train your staff. We can also provide our service directly at your facility to make it easier for your patients.

You are an individual

Build your own business by becoming an FeelWell vendor within your circle of family and friends: a simple, original, and direct business approach. Looking for additional income? It’s up to you! You decide how much time you want to dedicate to your business and who you want to work with while benefiting from our support. We provide individual coaching and all the necessary marketing materials for you to succeed. You manage your own success!

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