5 Healthy Foods That can Be Bad after Weight Loss Surgery

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5 Healthy Foods That can Be Bad after Weight Loss Surgery

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Gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries can be a life changer, and even a life saver, for many people who have had a difficult time losing weight otherwise. We all know that after surgery you aren’t allowed to eat as much.

Some may not be aware that there are specific foods you may need to severely limit, including ones that were formerly healthy. Discover a number of foods that are normally very healthy, but which can be bad or even dangerous after weight loss surgery, and should be avoided.

During the First Two Weeks of Recovery

During the first two weeks of recovery during your surgery, you will not be able to consume any solid foods whatsoever. Your stomach, during this time, is very vulnerable and is still healing from the cutting and sutures. Most doctors will call for a complete liquid diet those first two to three weeks. You’ll be restricted to things like protein shakes, sugar-free pudding, cottage cheese, broth, plain yogurt and the like.

The Following 3 Weeks after Weight Loss Surgery

For the next three weeks, you’ll be on what is popularly called a “mushy foods” diet. This means you’ll be allowed things that are soft and easy to digest, such as tuna, eggs, canned or cooked fruits, light fish, lean poultry and such. You want to avoid sticky foods like nut butters, as these can stick to your stomach. You also want to avoid fibrous foods for the same reason. Take only two bites of food every 20 minutes whenever you introduce a new food to your diet.

Five Foods to Minimize or Avoid in the Long Term

After you have healed up, your diet will open up a great deal, though it’s important to remember that after bariatric surgery your stomach will be much smaller, potentially as small as a walnut, meaning your meals will be a few bites at a time. There are four types of food you should minimize after this time, though there aren’t any foods that you will be completely forbidden from eating.

  •         Popcorn and bread can expand in your stomach and fill you up really fast. If you eat these, eat them after something nutritious like string cheese and carrots.
  •         Red meats can be hard to digest, as can overcooked poultry. Like popcorn, they’ll fill you up fast and can make you nauseous if you eat too much.
  •         Raw vegetables and fruits with skin are very fibrous and don’t digest easily. They sit in your stomach longer and can make it hard to follow your diet. Minimize these and eat them as snacks, not as part of a meal.
  •         Refined carbohydrates and added sugar are a bad idea for anyone. They carry very little nutritional value and just generally are bad for your body.
  •         Liquids are obviously something you need to survive, so they shouldn’t be avoided, but having a drink 30 minutes before or after a meal can make you too full to eat before a meal, and after a meal can push food through your stomach before it’s ready to be absorbed.

Working with Your Body Shape

As you lose weight, you may be prescribed a compression garment to wear to help with shaping your new body. This can also make it difficult to eat certain foods, but can be a huge benefit in getting you back in shape. Learn more about how compression garments can help your weight loss, and get in touch with us for more information today.