New You, New Wardrobe: How to Shop after Weight Loss Surgery

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New You, New Wardrobe: How to Shop after Weight Loss Surgery

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Weight loss surgery is a game changer for many people who are in need of significant weight loss, but for whom traditional methods of diet and exercise have not been successful. It seems like every pound lost is a reason to shout to the skies. Buying a new wardrobe is part of that excitement, too, but it can also get expensive and frustrating.

After all, you’re going to drop a lot of weight, fast, which means potentially buying a lot of clothes. It’s an expense many people don’t consider until it’s too late. Learn how to adjust to your new body with a new wardrobe after your weight loss surgery, and how things like compression garments can be a big help.

Learn Your Body Type after Weight Loss Surgery

Just because you had a certain body type before surgery, does not mean it will stay the same as you lose weight. In fact, it’s certain to change. It’s important to learn what your new shape will be, the new curves, the new angles and more. Take measurements of your hips, waist, bust and shoulders and consider finding a body shape calculator to help.

Buy Your Now Size

Certainly you’ve got a goal weight and you can’t wait to get there, but buy clothes for now, not the future. You have no idea what your body will be like when you reach that goal, so it’s better not to hope and be disappointed. Be patient and choose what looks flattering on you now.

Don’t Go Over Budget

Certainly you’re excited about losing a few inches on the waist, but don’t go crazy with money when you know you’re going to keep losing. Stick with the clearance and sale racks, and just look for things that flatter you. This is a good time to experiment with new styles for your changing body. A secret tip: you’d be amazed at how many brand-name clothes you can find with the tags still on them, hidden at thrift stores!

Reward Yourself

While being careful not to overspend, it’s okay to reward yourself with a designer pair of jeans or a new beautiful piece of lingerie each time you drop a size. Such rewards will make you feel good about yourself as well as helping you look better, and encouraging more weight loss.

Get Crafty

Consider picking up a sewing machine and learning to use it—altering favorite clothes so that they still fit as you drop in size can be a great way to repurpose your wardrobe with each new dress or jean size! Further, learning to sew is fun and easier than you might think!

Try Custom-Fit Compression Garments

Custom-fit compression garments are an outstanding way to properly shape your body so it fits into the styles you want, and to achieve the ideal body type you’re pursuing. For years, Obesinov has made compression garments perfectly adapted and designed for those with changing body types after weight loss surgery. Read about who we are and what we do, and then contact us to get started today!