Benefits of Custom-Made Compression Garments

benefits of compression garments

Benefits of Custom-Made Compression Garments

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Many people think that compression clothing is just for the elderly or people who have gone through bariatric surgery. The truth is, they’re an outstanding supplement to just about any aspect of your weight management and healthy living experts. We live in a world of exercise and fitness, and custom-made compression garments can play a major role in your overall performance.

In fact, even many professional athletes wear these kinds of garments to help them achieve the body shape and performance they desire. Learn the many benefits of compression garments, and how they can help you get in shape, manage your weight, and stay overall healthy.

What Are Compression Garments?

Compression garments are clothing that are designed to compress your body into an ideal shape, to increase blood flow to limbs, improve performance and healing and shorten recovery time. It can also have benefits for those working on losing weight or who have recently had bariatric surgery. Best of all, most of the benefits of compression wear is science-backed.

Improved Blood and Lymphatic Flow

Blood flow and your lymphatic system are essential to your ability to heal, recover from injuries and get the most out of every exercise. It’s what enables oxygen to move freely through your body and makes sure your limbs work at peak performance. Compression wear can improve blood flow and the function of your lymphatic system.

Shorten Recovery Time

Compression garments have been shown to shorten the recovery time it takes to heal from injuries. This is because it offers ideal support to your limbs, allowing you to work and rehab them without dealing extra damage to the muscle. In some ways it’s similar to the way a cast protects a broken bone, but these garments still allow for a full range of motion while maintaining support and ideal muscle shape and tone.

Improve Performance

In many of the same ways that these clothes reduce recovery time, they also improve performance by offering support to your muscles, which in turn results in improved mobility and strength. This allows you to perform at peak efficiency levels all the time, which will maximize the benefits you get from your workout.

Moisture Wicking

Properly made compression clothing has moisture wicking properties. These pull sweat from the body so that it doesn’t pool, while helping to keep your muscles warm. As a result your muscles will be less likely to pull, strain or tear and will retain a greater degree of flexibility overall.

Why Tailor-Made Garments?

Normal compression garments tend to be one-size-fits all, which means they simply don’t work right for every body size or type. They might be too tight, which can harm your body, or they might be too lose, which means they simply won’t work the way they should.

The only way to get maximum benefits of compression garments is to have them tailored specifically to your body and needs. They will provide not only perfect support, but maximum comfort while you wear them as well.  In addition, tailor-made garments will be adjustable so you can continue to wear them as you lose weight while still gaining benefits. Read more about the Obesinov custom compression garments, and contact us for more information today!