Benefits of Food Journals to Maintain Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery

Maintain Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery

Benefits of Food Journals to Maintain Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery

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Stay focused on your goals to live a healthier life and maintain weight loss after gastric bypass with a food journal. Keeping track of your daily food and liquid intake is very beneficial in boosting your motivation to lose weight, inspire you to make better choices in meals and snacks at home or eating out, and hold you accountable for choices that may derail your progress.

Food journaling is something that fosters the concept that seeing is believing when you write down or log in everything to see exactly what you are eating, when you consumed it, what you were doing, your body position when you ate it and most importantly how it made you feel. You are seeing an accurate account of your eating patterns with your journal.

Establish Weight Loss Goals with a Food Journal

If you have planned weight loss surgery like gastric bypass, establishing your weight loss goals is important. Putting your goals in writing in a food journal is beneficial after you have realized your eating patterns so you can make goals that help you overcome bad eating patterns.

The Perfect Accountability Partner

Having support from friend, workout partner, meal planning buddy to serve as your accountability partner is an excellent way to help you maintain weight loss after gastric bypass. However, a food journal is the perfect silent accountability sidekick to help you not only record all of your daily consumptions, it helps you quietly reflect on your progress or setbacks without outside judgement.

Journaling every detail of what you are eating may seem time consuming or inconvenient which may turn you away from doing it daily. Thank goodness for today’s technology to make virtual food journal apps available on your smartphone or tablet. You can quickly snap a photo of your meals and snacks for the virtual food journal, which makes personal accountability easier.

Meal Planning for Balanced Eating Habits

Choosing a food journal with a meal planning component in addition to tracking food intake is a great way to ensure that your snacks and meals are balanced. This is a way to help you incorporate different fruits, veggies and meats into daily food intake. It also assists you to maintain healthy rations of recommended proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Dear Food Diary

Jotting your feelings about what you are eating and how you feel before and after you eat helps in a few ways. When you take a look and reflect on what you wrote about how you felt after you ate something and you see the words, nausea, gassy, constipated, or bloated, that could uncover an unknown intolerance to certain foods especially while recovering from gastric bypass surgery.

Writing how you feel about your food intake can also be a link to identifying poor eating habits or mindless eating due to a range of emotions you may experience while planning weight loss surgery, before and after surgery.

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