Did You Fall off the Workout Bandwagon? Here Are Seven Ways to Refresh Your Motivation.

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Did You Fall off the Workout Bandwagon? Here Are Seven Ways to Refresh Your Motivation.

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Falling off the workout wagon can happen to anyone after weight loss surgery. Once your six-week recovery time is over, it is important to remain dedicated to eating a balanced, healthy diet daily along with a routine workout schedule.

Reflect back to what motivated you to lose weight prior to going through the surgical process. Are those motivations the same or have they changed after surgery?

The key to weight loss is embracing a healthy way of life as the path to weight loss is continuous after surgery because surgery is not an instant fix to lose weight. Here are some ways to empower, inspire and refresh your motivation to get up, get out and get moving.

Grab your Partner Round and Work!

Nothing is more motivating than having a workout sidekick to text or call and say, “Hey, buddy let’s do this!” You need someone who is just as committed as you are, so you both can stick thick like grits to make it to the park, gym or wherever you enjoy getting your workout on. It would be awfully difficult to leave your workout partner hanging knowing that they expect you, so it helps to hold you accountable to stay on your weight loss wagon.

Fun and exhilarating group fitness classes like Zumba, Soul Cycle, Cardio Funk and Yoga are motivating for being happy place to escape to when you are stressed or simply do not feel like working out. Group fitness classes are full of diverse people you can connect with who can serve as a support system and encourage you to keep coming back to class week after week.

Virtual Connections

If you don’t have a workout partner to join you physically, consider finding virtual support and motivation with online workout buddies. Virtual fitness classes and wellness coaching are available online, so you can stay on track if you are not comfortable leaving your home to go work out.

Other virtual fitness resources can keep you going as well. Recording your workout progress in a fitness and food journal can keep you on top of things so you can know what you need to do or any changes you need to make. Looking back on your previous journal entries to see how far you’ve come before your weight loss surgery and remember what motivated you from then to now is very empowering.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Feeling discouraged is a normal emotion to experience if you don’t meet your weight loss goals in the timeframe you expected to see certain results. Don’t allow discouragement to swallow you up for too long, as it takes time see results.

Post a before weight loss surgery and after surgery photo of yourself so you can reflect on how far you have come, so you can keep working out to go farther.

Positive Affirmations

Plant yourself right in front of a mirror when you wake up and before you go to bed and affirm who you are and that you have the power to achieve your goals. Post sticky notes with powerful positive words on your mirror; this is a great way to motivate you to keep it up. Get with your workout partner and make up a special mantra for you both to recite before your workout to get pumped up and ready. Words have power, so shield yourself with as many as you can to block out any negativity.

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