3 Negative Words to Take Out of Your Vocabulary

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3 Negative Words to Take Out of Your Vocabulary

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Negativity is, quite frankly, like a blight on our society. We live in a very negative world, where people not only love to be angry, offended and down, but they revel in their right to be that way. Unfortunately, that’s possibly the worst way to live, both for your mental health and your physical help. People have a bad habit of looking for the bad in things and it prevents them from appreciating the good.

With that in mind, there are a number of negative terms that you should dump from your lexicon, and doing so will result in your life improving by leaps and bounds. Let’s examine x negative words to take out of your vocabulary, which you can replace with positive attitudes and an increased ability to enjoy life.

Negative Words and You

Regardless of what anyone says, words have power. They can lift people up, elevate them to new heights, or they can ruin days and even lives. They’re more than just the means by which we communicate—they have healing power and they can be a deadly weapon. Too many people focus on negativity these days, and by removing negative words from your vocabulary, you’ll also eliminate negative thoughts. That will benefit you and everyone around you.


“Wait a moment,” you’re saying. How is “should” a negative word? It’s a good question, and the reason is that in many ways, “should” robs you of your own agency. When you say you should do something, you’re implying that it’s something you really don’t want to do. By changing your thought patterns to “want,” and “don’t want,” instead of “should” or “need to,” you’re taking control of your own life.


“Can’t,” is the single worst word out there. The moment you utter this word, your mind is going to go seeking for evidence to back it up. Before you know it, it’ll become true. Even if you consciously fight it, your subconscious is a powerful thing. The word “can’t,” has held millions of people in history back from true greatness. In truth, when you say that you can’t do something, what you really mean is that you won’t. It’s incorrect thinking, because the truth is, whatever you set your mind to doing, you can indeed do.


Yoda said it best: “Do. Or Do not. There is no try.” When you say you will try to do something, you’re setting yourself up for failure just by acknowledging the likelihood that you will fail. Never say you’ll try, or you’ll try your best. Say that you will do something. When you commit to doing something, you’ll find reasons to live up to the commitment.

Live a Better Life

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