Tips for Getting Back into a Workout Routine

getting back into a workout routine

Tips for Getting Back into a Workout Routine

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It’s really easy to fall off the exercise wagon. You might sprain an ankle and take some time off to heal. You might get slammed at work and your free time simply vanishes. You might even just skip going to the gym one day, and that’s all it takes. Exercising is a routine, a habit, and just missing one day can turn quickly into weeks or even months of not doing it, and you only notice when one day you just don’t feel right.

The problem is, it’s harder to start going again after a break than it was the very first time you went. The first thing to know is, you’re not alone. Many have walked this path, and they’ve gotten back on the horse—so can you! Here are some great tips for getting back into a workout routine after you’ve spent some time off, to help you get healthy, fit and feeling great once again.

Getting Back into a Workout Routine

Getting back into a workout routine after a break is largely a factor of starting small and building. Take baby steps and you’ll find that before you know it, you’re going like you never have before. In fact, many who get back into working out after taking time off find that they exercise even more intensely than before, with improved benefits!

Start Small

Start small and build—it applies to exercise just like drama and storytelling. Take a couple of days and just work on stretching and flexibility. Get your muscles limbered up and the blood flowing once again. Flexibility is essential to working out, and starting this way won’t just get you back into the habit, it’ll help prevent injuries later.

Add Some Cardio

After your flexibility routine, add in some endurance and cardio training. Take a half hour brisk walk, hop on the treadmill or elliptical, or ride the stationary bike for awhile. This will help you to engage in longer workouts when you get back into it full-bore.

Strength Training

Strength training comes third. Remember that the key to strength training is low weight and high reps, unless you’re body building, but that’s an entirely different regimen. As with everything else, take it easy. Don’t life more than you can handle, and consider using your body as a benchmark—instead of free weights do squats, lunges, crunches and core work to get started.

Build Your Routine

Stretching, flexibility, cardio, endurance, and strength training are the major aspects of any exercise routine. Once you’ve reached that level, you’re back into it and you can start building your routine back up to its prior levels. You’ll find it’s been an easy process because you worked your way back in, rather than the dreaded “dive in headfirst,” which can actually lead to injuries.

Wear the Right Clothes

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