Choosing the Correct Compression Garment

Compression Garment

Choosing the Correct Compression Garment

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Weight loss surgery can be a life changing experience that can improve your health and life in untold ways. However, it can also come with its own set of complications and difficulties. Among these are the loose skin that can be left behind, and can be very hard to deal with as you try to get back in shape.

Fortunately, there does exist a solution that for some, can help avoid further surgery while tightening that skin again. This solution is found in compression garments, but you need to choose the right ones to get the most out of them. Learn how choosing the correct compression garment after your weight loss surgery can make all the difference in reducing problems and getting healthy again.

What Is a Compression Garment?

Compression garments, commonly used after weight loss surgeries, place compression on loose tissues, helping to form them back into place, while supporting your muscles as you work to get them strong and toned once again. They are some of the most important parts of your recovery process from cosmetic surgery. Choosing the right compression garment can greatly speed the effectiveness of your healing, but making the wrong choice can create complications.

How Long to Wear a Garment

Surgeons disagree on how long you should wear a garment after surgery. In general, however, your physician, physical therapist and personal trainer are the best resources to determine how long you need to wear the garment. There are a number of factors that can go into this—the type of surgery you had, how major it was, and your general body type, to name a few.

Generally speaking, your provider will recommend wearing it anywhere from one to six weeks, and sometimes even longer. There are also different stages of garment you can wear, providing different levels of compression so you can adjust and adapt as you heal.

What Makes a Proper Garment?

Fit is the most important aspect of choosing a proper garment for your needs. The right garment needs to be snug and supportive, but not so tight as to cause pain or difficulty breathing or moving. It should completely cover the areas to be treated, leaving nothing exposed. This is because leaving exposed areas also leaves clear marks between covered and uncovered areas in the end.

It’s important to remember that as you heal, your body will change, so a garment ideally should be easily adjustable to your new body shape. Otherwise, you’ll need several sets of garments for your changing body.

Custom-Fit Adjustable Compression Garments

While there are tons of one-size-fits-all compression garments on the market, more and more people are finding success in custom-fit garments that are designed to perfectly match their body shape and type, and will change and adapt with them as they heal.

Obesinov has made a mission of creating compression garments and accessories to serve a range of needs from hernia support to swimming to weight loss surgery and more. We offer a range of manufacturing options to customize your garment to your exact need. If you’d like to experience how a custom fit compression garment can help your weight loss journey, contact us today.