Stay Safe and Stylish in the Sun

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Stay Safe and Stylish in the Sun

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Spring is here and that means it is time for the sun to reign until next winter season. Sun time means fun time, but you have to protect yourself and your family from skin damage caused by too much sun. We have some ideas to help you stay safe and stylish this summer!

Sunscreen is good, but wearing sun protection clothing with an ultraviolet protection factor of 50 or more is important. Lots of styles are available with built in UPF for the ladies, guys, kiddos and babies.

Who Does UPF 50 Clothing Benefit?

UPF 50 clothing is beneficial for everyone, but it can really provide major protection for people who have the following needs for sun protection:

  • Kids have more sensitive and much thinner skin than adults, and if damage occurs during childhood, it can increase the chances of serious health issues in maturity.
  • People with lighter or fair skin burn faster and are affected by UV rays more than people with darker complexions.
  • People taking certain medications can have more sensitivity to the sun, especially people taking acne medications, antibiotics or even some herbal supplements.
  • People who live in regions where they have sunlight nearly year round can benefit from UPF clothing as well.

Cover Your Head

Our mothers always cautioned us to keep our heads covered in the winter to prevent a cold. In the summer, we were told to shield our face from the sun with a hat or visor. Coolibar has a superb collection of UPF 50+ sun hats to keep the whole family protected.

Sundresses and Sun Hats

When things heat up outside, sundresses are the way to go for ladies to look amazing and stay cool. Sundresses are made with fabric that breathes and moves as your body moves with a graceful flow. Sundresses and sun hats go hand in hand to make a fashion statement when it’s hot outside. Update your wardrobe with lovely UPF 50 dresses and sun hats to protect yourself this spring and summer season. Lilly Pulitzer has an array of sun protection dresses, blouses and other women’s wear to shop for this spring.

Bathing Suits and Swim Shirts

Hitting the beach or pools when sun season comes means you really need to beef up your sun protection. Sun protection bathing suits and swim shirts are available and great for everyone. UPF swim shirts and bathing suits are awesome for avid surfers to invest in to protect them as they spend hours on the sand and surf.

For the Sportsman

Playing sports like golf and tennis means there is no escaping the sun. Sun protective clothing that is breathable and doesn’t cling to the skin will not only protect them, but it will make the game more enjoyable. UPF compression garments help people who play sports with mobility and make physical activity less stressful on the back.

Obseinov Garments

Protecting your skin and your body is important under your clothes as well. If you need protection after weight loss surgery or support during physical activity, we have got you covered. Contact us for more details, and our customer care team will glad to assist you.

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