Why You Should Skip Fad Diets

skip fad diets

Why You Should Skip Fad Diets

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It is time to get off of the fad diet rollercoaster ride. The up, downs, twists and turns that fad diets bring is not only unhealthy, they are emotionally draining and harmful for your self esteem. The main reason why you should skip fad diets is simple, they do not work. So the question is what does work to help with weight loss and living healthier if fad diets are not the way to go? The answer is a choosing a healthy way of life full of nutritious foods and exercise.

Get Moving

Your body needs a variety of things to keep it running long and strong on this journey called life. Fuel your body with the right mix of nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. We should not deprive ourselves of the proper nutrients because without them our bodies are open to illness and long term health issues.

While you are choosing healthy foods you enjoy, it is important to exercise to shed away pounds. Going on a daily walk or run with a friend or your fur baby is a great way to start, so it doesn’t feel like exercise. Take a group fitness class like Yoga or Zumba to get you moving and motivated. Crossfit or boxing classes are more intense workouts but they are becoming popular among women for weight loss and getting fit. Mix it up and try different things to help you figure out what exercise you enjoy and will keep you on track.

Portion Control

Portion control is the way to go to allow you to enjoy the foods you love instead of fad diets. Fad diets have a tendency to make you feel guilty about eating certain foods that actually have a lot of the necessary nutrients to fuel your body. It’s okay to eat spaghetti with a side salad and mixed fruit. This is actually a delicious healthy choice for a meal. The key to eating meals like this is to not overindulge in a large portion of it. We tend to overeat when something tastes really good, but it is important to practice self control with foods we love.

Weekly meal prepping is the best way to control your portions. Prepare your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner in portion control containers. You will find it much easier to eat healthier in moderation rather than with a fad diet.

Meal prepping can be fun if you involve your family in the process. Pick a lazy day like a Sunday afternoon to shop for the weekly meal prep ingredients. Have a blast in the kitchen with your family making meals for the week and organizing the completed containers in the fridge. It takes the worry out of what to make everyday. Everything is ready to grab and go or grab and plate until next week. Now your family can eat healthy with you and it removes the dieting concept.

Dedication to a Healthier You

We want you to live your best life by choosing healthy eating habits and regular exercise so skip the fad diets. After reaching your weight goals, Obesinov can help you achieve the look you want with custom compression garments.