Workout Tips 101

workout tips 101, workout tips for beginners

Workout Tips 101

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Workout tips 101 class in session! Beginners listen up and prepare to take notes. Being a newbie to the fitness world can be a little befuddling with so many options and new fitness trends out there. Allow us to help make choices on what workouts are best for you and how often you should work out.

Tip #1 Start a Workout Plan

Starting a workout plan is beneficial for beginners and those who had to push the pause button on their regular routine due to injury or other reasons. Don’t overwork yourself trying to get into the swing of things or make up for time lost on the hiatus. First consult your physician to develop a plan to allow you to get a proper and well balanced workout.

A great workout schedule will list the day, the specific workout and how much time you spend on each activity, how many calories you want to burn and how many calories you managed to burn each day you scheduled your workouts. You can also choose to include your calorie intake and how many calories you need to cut from your daily diet.

Tip #2 Start with Low to Medium Impact Activities

Beginners and people recovering from injury or back from hiatus should always start with a low to medium impact workout. Zumba Gold, chair workouts, yoga, aquatic exercise or going on short daily walks are excellent suggestions to get you started. Starting with high impact and fast-paced workouts can lead to frustration and discourage you from sticking to your workout plan.

The overall purpose is for you to enjoy what you are doing while you are starting your workout routines. If you get miserable or bored too fast, you will not maintain your plan. Relax, work your way up to more intense workouts steadily and have fun along the way.

Tip #3 Stay Hydrated

Never work out without drinking plenty of water. Not consuming enough water can be very dangerous and damaging to your health. It can cause dehydration, cramping and fatigue or may cause you to pass out, especially if you are exercising in the heat. Drink water before, during and after you work out.

Although water is the best option for hydration, you can bring a sports drink full of electrolytes to sip on if you will be working out in the heat. The electrolytes give you more hydration and energy than water by itself.

Tip #4 Watch Your Form

Maintaining the proper form during your workouts is very important. You can pull muscles, tear ligaments or cause other injuries to your body that can put you out of commission for a while. Your group fitness instructor or personal trainer should demonstrate the proper positioning and body form during your workouts. If you work out alone, please refer to professional references to learn proper body form for the specific activities you choose to get fit.

Tip #5 Wear the right Clothes

The final lesson in Workout Tips 101 is about wearing the right workout clothes. Make sure you have on shoes and clothing that are breathable and provide the best support to your vulnerable areas. Obesinov has tailor-made compression garments that will give you the best custom support during physical activity. Contact us to speak to one of our awesome customer care representatives and find out more.