How to Lose The Weight In the Pool

How to Lose The Weight In the Pool

How to Lose The Weight In the Pool

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Pool workouts are fun and relaxing ways to increase metabolism, burn calories, tone and strengthen every muscle in your body. Working out to lose weight and tone up does not always involve activity that cause stress on your joints like running, biking, dance fitness or lifting weights.

Pool exercise is great for everyone because it does not put damaging stress on the joints. Grab your swim gear and a pool noodle so we can make a splash into the fit life!

Water Works for Women

A simple swim burns off about 500 calories per hour and an intense swim can burn up to 700 calories. The water creates the perfect amount of resistance so that every stroke, pull, push and kick is giving you what you need to work your whole body. For people who weight 150 pounds walking or jogging across the pool can burn up to 563 calories an hour if you weigh 180 pounds, you can burn up to 654 calories.

There are aqua fitness group classes that are great to introduce you to how to lose weight in the pool. Zumba has Aqua Zumba classes for a low impact but high energy experience in aquatic fitness. Imagine a going to a fun pool pool party twice a week with your best girlfriends, that idea that you are exercising escapes your mind when you are simply enjoying yourself. Toning and shedding pounds just happens to be the benefit.

Pool Noodle Exercises to Help Lose the Weight in the Pool

Pool noodles are super lightweight but they become the perfect tool for aerobic and resistance training in the pool. Here are a few exercises you can do with a pool noodle.

    • Pool Noodle Dunks works your upper extremities while standing in chest deep water. Bring the pool noodle close to your chest and place your palms down on the noodle to in order to push the noodle down from your chest to dunk it completely underwater until your arms are straightened. Bring it back up slowly to repeat more reps. Feel free to walk across the pool while dunking the noodle to work your entire body.
  • Pool Noodle Plunges are doing lunges in the pool using the pool noodle as a support. This exercise is done in chest deep water while you have each hand around one end of the noodle. Form a U loop in front of you and submerge right under the surface of the water. Step through the U loop and position yourself in the lunge position with both feet on the pool floor. Do regular lunges and enjoy your workout.
  • Pool Noodle Ab Curls This exercise is simple. You place the pool noodle behind your back making a U loop around you with the ends of the noodle on each side of you in front of you. The pool noodle serves as a back support as you are doing this exercise in deep water to completely engage your legs and abs. Start with your legs hanging down with pointed toes like a synchronized swimmer, then lift both legs up to bring your knees to your chest. Hold the knee to chest position for two seconds and bring them down slowly. Perform ten reps and you are done.

Water Friendly Weight Loss Garments

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