6 Tips for Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

buying clothes while losing weight

6 Tips for Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

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It’s been said that weight loss is a journey, not a destination. Committing to a healthier and more active lifestyle is a great feeling, but it is a process. One of the biggest complaints people have is about buying clothes while losing weight, which can be challenging in itself.

As you drop weight, your body goes through a myriad of changes to adjust, and while you no longer fit in your old clothes, you haven’t quite reached your goal yet. This can make for some frustrating shopping, especially since you don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe for your transitional period.

If you’re struggling with your wardrobe, check out these helpful tips for buying clothes while losing weight:

1. Avoid Oversized Clothing

Oversized and draped clothing is a favorite for people of any size, but while you’re losing weight, this style can be unflattering. As you continue to lose weight, those flowy tops will look bigger and bigger, which just looks poorly fitting. Because of this, you may want to wait until you’re at your goal weight to buy clothing that’s fashionably oversized.

2. Choose Stretch Fabrics

As your weight fluctuates and your body changes, clothing with a bit of stretch is your best friend. These fabrics are designed to fit a range of sizes, so you’ll get more mileage out of stretchy pieces at nearly every stage of your weight-loss journey. Whenever possible, choose a size smaller than your current size to get more use out of it.

3. Load Up on Basics

It’s impractical to buy a full wardrobe for each new size you reach, but it’s smart to buy a few staples to get you through your milestones. For each new size, buy a dress, top, jeans, and pants that look fantastic on you and give you a variety of outfit options.

4. Be Realistic

It’s a common misconception that being thin means everything automatically looks great on you. Certain fashions are more flattering on certain body types, big or small, so just being thinner doesn’t mean everything will fit you perfectly. Be realistic about your body type and choose fashions that are designed to flatter your shape.

5. Get a Professional Bra Fitting

If there’s any piece of clothing you splurge on for every weight-loss milestone you hit, it’s a good bra. Bras not only give you support, but they also impact the way your tops look and fit. To ensure you have the right size for your new body, get a professional fitting. Most women are walking around in poorly-fitting bras to begin with, and with the changes that come from weight loss, finding the correct fit can be even more of a challenge.

6. Resist the Splurge

As we’ve discussed, it’s impractical to buy an entire wardrobe for a transitional weight-loss period. Be selective about the pieces you buy, shop at thrift stores, have clothing tailored or choose styles that can work for a range of sizes, until you reach your goal weight, to save yourself money and frustration. Focus on a few great pieces that make you feel wonderful and save the splurge as a reward for reaching your goals.

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