Compression Garments and Weight Loss

compression garments and weight loss

Compression Garments and Weight Loss

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Compression garments are popular in the world of professional athletes, but they have many benefits for those looking to lose weight. People with mobility issues or a lot of weight to lose use compression garments to improve their workouts and boost their weight loss.

Learn more about compression garments and weight loss to see if it’s worth your investment.

What Are Compression Garments?

Compression garments for weight loss look similar to the high-tech compression garments worn by athletes. They’re tightly woven to prevent excessive movement and provide comfortable support during workouts, giving you a feeling of complete mobility while also holding everything in.

The difference between medical-grade compression garments and sports compression garments is that medical-grade garments are used by many people post-surgery and to improve circulation problems. Sports compression garments are less pressurized and provide comfort during workouts.

Compression Garments and Weight Loss

For people looking to lose a significant amount of weight or those new to exercise, compression garments provide support and protection that aids in weight loss. Extra weight puts pressure on joints and limits movement, which can lead to joint damage, sprains, strains and shin splints, as well as back pain, that can derail exercise efforts. Moving weight away from the body puts you at a greater risk for injury, but compression garments compress tissue against the body to minimize wear and tear on the body and to provide additional support for joints.

As a result, the weight loss from compression garments is indirect. These garments alone won’t do anything to facilitate weight loss, but the increased mobility and safety during workouts helps you improve your fitness, leading to natural, healthy weight loss over time. Most people looking to lose weight incorporate walking, running or other aerobic activities into their weight-loss regimen, all of which are aided by compression garments.

How to Choose Compression Garments

If compression garments sound like the right fit for you, consider a few things to get the most out of your investment.

Compression tights are helpful for leg support, which is a significant part of nearly any workout. Your legs have the largest muscle groups and impact your lower back health, as well as having injury-prone joints that take a lot of wear and tear.

Compression tops, on the other hand, are helpful for people with a lot of upper-body weight or “jiggle” that want to keep everything tight during a workout. Like a supportive sports bra, these garments keep your chest, abdomen and arms smooth and compressed, which decreases discomfort and helps with confidence. This can help you work out longer and reap more benefits.

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